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Living Out Our Bridgerton Fantasy- TRENDING: CORSET TOPS

The second season has arrived and it is all the rave! We are happy to report corset tops, bustier tops and dresses are TRENDING babes! And we have the absolute BEST pieces to add to your wardrobe this Spring/Summer.

Bridgerton season one came and went like a fever dream. The world stopped for a month to watch and dissect the period drama, fall in love with The Duke, rewatch episode five (you know why) on repeat and then finish the whole thing just like that. I get sweaty just thinking about that time of my life. But, while the haze of Bridgerton eventually subsided (kinda) the fashion stuck around. Think about it: corset tops went viral on TikTok every other week, babydoll tops made a comeback and men were suddenly interested in ascots again.

Checkout everything Bridgerton-inspired we’re shopping right now, below:

black corset top Bridgerton puff sleeve

The 'Bambina Vintage Corset Top'


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